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A B O U T   I C E C O N

ICECON Cold Chain Technology Co., Ltd. is dedicated for developing rotational molding insulated container, with the workshop making up 32000 square meters, integrating the business of research, design and manufacture. The enterprise is featured with advanced equipment, sufficient technology support, abundant experience in the industry and favorable management. With continuous effort and innovation, the enterprise provides products for customers with first-class quality and promoting itself as the vanguard of the industry.

ICECON Cold Chain Technology Co., Ltd.  produce intelligent products mainly including catering insulated container, cold chain logistics insulated container, dry ice insulated container and others, all of which have certificated by ISO9001. Multiple service centers have been already established domestically as to provide the comprehensive service on the basis of cold chain technology. Furthermore the enterprise has branched in Hong Kong, Korea, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and India as to sincerely provide high-quality and cost-effective products for each customer.

C O R E   T E C H N O L O G Y

ICECON set research, development, design and manufacturing as a whole into our products, becoming the most widely used thermal insulation logistics equipment. A variety of thermal insulation product line can meet all requirements of transportation in centralized  and decentralized dining.Combining a wide range of cuisine styles, multiple colors, fine durability and superior design, ICECON has become a first-class brand in the catering logistics industry.

ICECON products have met the requirement of spaceflight, capable of rigorous testing. ICECON products carried forward the technology and decades experience of the HORECO2 Group. ICECON products are always preferred on food delivery products for organizations including the global sport committees, caterers, hotels, hospitals, schools, military transportation and humanitarian aids.

D E S I G N & C U S T O M I Z E

[advanced design] We invited a well-known industrial design  team developed  ICECON  catering  insulated container,which is a unique integrated ring-handle insulated container. Inspired by the Olympic flying rings, the ergonomic design makes it easier to move. Also, it can protect the interfaces when stacked up and down. Instead of common flat-handle for single-use demand, customers would have better usage experience.

[CUSTOMIZED] ICECON Group has advanced production equipment, research and development expertise and manufacturing core teams, coordinating with our famous and professional design teams. They can absolutely provide customers most comprehensive and considerate customized solutions.

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